Canna flaccida, BX258, and a bonus present

Dennis Kramb
Wed, 29 Dec 2010 06:42:01 PST
My first seed germinated today!  I planted 8 seeds on Dec. 19.  First I used
a metal file to rub off a portion of their seed coat.  Then soaked them in
pure water (not tap) for 36 hours.  Ad then planted them in soilless mix.
So that was 10 days ago, exactly.  I think the other seeds will poke up and
say hi, in the hours/days to come.

Why is it so exciting to have a new seed germinate!?  I don't know, but it
SURE is!

These will get planted outside in my pond once the weather is warm enough.
Meanwhile I'll grow them under lights indoors.

This plant has been on my wishlist for about 8 years, and I'm glad I've
finally got it.  Merry Christmas to me!

Here's another Christmas present I got... Passiflora 'Manta''s first bloom
for me... on Christmas weekend.  Ignore the cat hairs and dandelions.  I was
too excited to get the photo and didn't see that stuff till after I put the
camera away.

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