Wiki update: Cryptostephanus haemanthoides

Jacob Knecht
Thu, 09 Dec 2010 16:16:06 PST
Greetings busy bulb growers,

In August this year Josh Young and Ron Redding asked the PBS for advice on
growing *Cryptostephanus haemanthoides*.  Today I uploaded a few photos and
added some information on how I grow my plant to our beloved wiki.
Hopefully this will be of some use to those who wish to grow this species.

Many folks have asked me if I ever have seeds to share.  Our plant has not
yet reached maturity or bloomed.  We only have one clone.  Hopefully by the
time mine blooms, Nhu or I will be able to get pollen from someone so that
there will be seeds to share.  I don't know if anyone is actively
propagating this species from seed.

Its general culture is comparable to that of *Costus spectabilis* which I
have described in previous posts, on the wiki and on my flickr.  It should
be a great pot subject for those with 'tropical summers'.   Made famous by
its relation to *Clivia*, *Cryptostephanus haemanthoides* needs much warmer
climate and has different water requirements than its South African cousin.

Jacob Knecht

my flickr <>

On 23 August 2010 15:07, Josh Young <> wrote:

> Can anyone give any good advice for the cultivation of Cryptostephanus
> haemanthoides?  There are many of us that can only find very minimal
> information
> and I know there are a few of you that are well aware of the requirements
> for
> this plant!  It seems difficult to grow considering all the negative
> attention
> it gets!
> Thanks
> Josh
> IN

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