Cryptostephanus haemanthoides

Harold Koopowitz
Fri, 10 Dec 2010 04:40:57 PST
I grow and flower both species. They do not appear to be compatible. 
Also the style in vansonii is very short and within the flower while 
that of haemanthoides is exerted so maybe they are not too closely 
related. I get seed on selfed haemanthoides but it never germinates. 
I have also tried crosses with both species and clivia but without 
success. With vansonii x clivia we also tried embryo rescue but 
without success.

  At 09:02 PM 12/9/2010, you wrote:
>Dear Jacob and Nhu,
>         Thanks for the commentary and pix. From previous pix I just 
> barely saw a connection to C. vansonii, but these do share a lot of 
> characters and I can see the Clivia affinity too.
>         I wish you good luck in getting it to bloom and set seed. 
> C. vansonii is self fertile so let's hope this is too. Has anyone 
> ever tried crossing the two? Or is this too extreme?
>         Great info.             Best            Jim W.
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