Have anyone found the data which have more detail of the perennialing experiment of cornell?

Fierycloud fierycloud2002@yahoo.com.tw
Thu, 09 Dec 2010 21:11:36 PST
Hello David:

Thanks for your reply. I really would like to try the bulbs which have less 
chilling requirement first.

I have tried some of the OT hybrids(mainly the hybrid for cutting flowers , 
and black beauty) and trumpet species(L.davidii, L. lancifolium, L. 
henryi,),but they just can't pass the summer heat in my house, and easy 
to have deformity flowers.
My house which in a alley in a  residential area remain 30 degree C at 
night untill 0:00 am in summer, I think it's one of the factor, though 
there just are large open fields where rice is growing around 500m away 
my house. It cools down ealier there.

Lilium formosanum seems to easy get virus in my house which cause them get 
a linear flower pedal.
L. longiflorum ever adapted my house, before I changed my media from sands 
to peat and coconut fiber for they are lighter than sands. It's main 
growing season is match to the distibution area where have winter rain in 
Taiwan. I have also tried some LO which is red purple, yellow, and pink.

Su-Hong-Ciao, Taiwan

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