Winter in Arizona
Sun, 14 Feb 2010 08:23:39 PST
Hello All,According to the weather man, we should be topping out between 76/78 degrees F today and tomorrow.  I was happy to see native Dichelostemma capitatum and a mix of Calochortus including AZ natives popping up in the backyard.  Blooming are Massonia depressa and M. pustulata, Lachinalia bulbifera, L. pendula, L. aloides quadricolor, L. cultivars "pink"and "orange", L. mutabilis, L. pendula, L. splendida, and L. viridiflora.   Albuca spiralis have been blooming for some time as has Moreae polystacha.   Cyanella orchidiformis is in bud and Cyrtanthus obrienii may open today or tomorrow.  Ferraria despunculata just finished blooming.  It put on quite a show this year.   Of course you can't keep a good oxalis down and have Oxalis luteola, O. obtusa in a rainbow of colors, O. glabra, O. versicolor and O. purpurea and purpurea garnet still in bloom.In the succulent catagory, several aloes blooming along with Euphorbia, Othonnas. and Kalanchoes.  Kalanchoes are like Oxalis in that they pop up everywhere in pots and in the shadehouses in the ground but when they bloom I have to admit they are kind of cheery.  The early blooming Mammillarias are doing their thing and some Ferocactus in bud now too.  I am noticing buds forming on Echinopsis/Trichocereus hybrids but it will be some weeks before they open.Wishes for a great weekend!  Celeste, Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. P.S. This winter's rains have us anticipating what could be a great wildflower season here in the Sonoran desert.


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