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Tim Harvey zigur@hotmail.com
Sun, 14 Feb 2010 10:01:34 PST
Well the rules are that staging is 25% of the points awarded. I'm happy to forgo them. I am not willing to disturb a plant like that to re-pot for the sake of the pot-nazis. Maybe I should have left it at home to keep them happy?


One problem with over-emphasis on staging is that it discourages beginners and young people from entering plants. Ceramic show pots can be quite expensive.


I am thinking of sponsoring trophies for "Best Plant in a Plastic Pot" at some of my local shows to try and get rid of these non-horticultural tendencies.


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> Sorry Tim,
> But I too would be appalled by an inappropriate container at a show- 
> especially a judged show. One should not just grow well but present well. I 
> won third place once instead of second because my pot ( which I stuck in 
> literally at the last minute ) had algae on it. That was at the New York Flower 
> show years ago. I have since seen other venues where presentation didn't 
> seem to count ,but I feel that the container ,as part of the staging, should 
> be evaluated as well as the plant.
> Cherry G
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