The Wisdom of Mary Sue.......

Kenneth Hixson
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 10:49:36 PST
James Waddick wrote:
  And it would be nice to see
> the entire pant habit.

	But Jim, how do you make a plant pant?  Force them--to run?
	Sorry, couldn't resist.  Some people are easily distracted.

	The wiki is a great resource, but it isn't perfect, and it never will 
be--as soon as one thing is done, someone wants something more.	Such is 

	Not to rub it in, but to emphasize how different apparently
similar Zone numbers can be, here on the west coast USA, my garden
is (by Zone number) at least somewhat similar to Jim McKenney's, and
we are apparently having spring.  Crocus, daffodils, snowdrops blooming. 
  Asiatic lilies are showing "noses" above ground.  Hyacinths up, but 
not yet starting to send up flower spikes.  Found some grape hyacinths 
almost open yesterday while pruning a Buddleia.  There are more than a 
dozen rhododendrons blooming--mostly "lepidotes" like PJM, although a 
neighbor has what I assume is "Christmas Cheer" starting.  I'm starting 
to plant seed, trying to figure out where I'm going to
move various plants.

	So far, less rain this winter than usual--apparently it all
went to California, causing flooding and mudslides, etc.


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