mark zukaitis
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 14:51:11 PST
Thanks David.  Mauro and I had an interesting discussion about Neomarica when I saw him in July.  He is a great source of information.
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  Patty and Mark

  From the information I have been able to gather, the diffence is that N.gracilis has long 'gracile' pedicels -- more than twice the length of the spathes from which they emerge. The result is that the inflorescence appears lax, whereas that of N.northiana appears crowded. On the wikiI I have included a digram I received from Mario Peixto, which came originaly from the doctoral thesis of Lindolpbo Capellari JĂșnior (Taxonomical Revision of the Genus Neomarica Sprague) (I can refer you to the original document -- in Portuguese, or a key to species, also in Portuguese, or a key from a French Irid society -- in French.)
  (Just below it, if you are interested. are photos of the flowers, but not of the plant's habit, of my N. northiana.)

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  What are the differences between the Neomarica G. and Neomarica N.? I am growing what I believe to be the gracilis, but I would like to be sure.

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  >Hi Mark,
  >My Neomarica caerulea produced propagules last year which I have not yet removed. Two have 4 leaves each, about 6" long (but no roots). I can send you one or both of them if you send me your address.
  >I also have many propagules on my N.northiana, which I can also send.
  >Are you positive of the identification of your N. gracilis? I ask this because many people grow N. northiana under the name of N.gracilis. If you have the genuine species, I'd be interested in propagules of that when you have some.
  >David E. 
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