mark zukaitis
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 14:49:46 PST
John - 

Thank you very much. I live at:

Mark Zukaitis
422 George Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

I would be very excited to have Neomarica caerulea.  Let me know how I can remunerate your generous offer!


Mark Zukaitis
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  On Feb 11, 2010, at 11:55 AM, mark zukaitis wrote:

  > I currently have Neomarica gracilis and Neomarica candida - and am  
  > in need of Neomarica Carulea and was wondering, that if anyone was  
  > growing this plant if I could obtain a piece - I would be willing  
  > to comply with any paymement arrangements!


  Where do you live?  I could see if any of our plants f Neomarica  
  caerulea (note spelling) have any propagules in the old  
  inflorescences.  I'll check on Saturday.  We may even have one in a  
  pot I could wash off and send to you.

  John C. MacGregor
  South Pasadena, CA
  USDA Zone 9
  Sunset Zones 21/23

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