The Wisdom of Mary Sue.......

James Waddick
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 07:34:59 PST
...and the danger of scale.

Dear Friends,
	 I recently inquired about my confusion over Homeria collina 
now in full bloom in a small pot.

	The pot label was clearly readable as this species and I had 
to believe.

	I diligently checked the wiki and flowers looked very 
similar, VERY similar, but things didn't seem quite right. I 
mentioned the odd size difference and posted my questions.

	Mary Sue very kindly and calmly instructed me that my plant 
is more likely Tritonia dubia due to a number of characters including 
not only the scale of my plant which is the proper size for Tritonia, 
but she also defined the bloom season and various anatomical 
characters including the fleeting nature of Homeria flowers.

	I suppose I should have questioned size alone even more , but 
Mary Sue confirmed the ID to my complete satisfaction and 

	There is a problem with the wiki and indeed with any photos 
that show a small portion of the plant. I have complained mildly 
about this before that often ONLY flower close-ups are not enough to 
ID an unknown. It would be nice to have some idea of scale such as a 
ruler, a hand or other unit of measure. And it would be nice to see 
the entire pant habit. Turns out Homeria has a single stout leaf per 
plant and a distinct basal form (Thanks Mike).

	Of course the problem that from my Midwest viewpoint Homeria 
is as unknown to me as Tritonia so either seemed equally possible. 
Having not grown either the ID is always a Q and A situation.  I 
suppose it suggests that an avid or curious gardener just needs to 
try EVERYTHING. Look out Bulb Ex.

	Again thanks to all who helped out this remedial bulb grower. 
		Jim W

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