The Wisdom of Mary Sue.......

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 07:57:21 PST
>        There is a problem with the wiki and indeed with any photos
> that show a small portion of the plant. I have complained mildly
> about this before that often ONLY flower close-ups are not enough to
> ID an unknown. It would be nice to have some idea of scale such as a
> ruler, a hand or other unit of measure. And it would be nice to see
> the entire pant habit. Turns out Homeria has a single stout leaf per
> plant and a distinct basal form (Thanks Mike).

Ahhh... but is it a problem of the wiki?  or a problem of your expectations?
  I consider any website as helpful and useful and wonderful if it can give
me information about a rare or unusual plant.  I don't get bothered by a
site because it can't provide everything I want.  Generally, instead, I
criticize Google for that.  :-)

As someone mentioned earlier... it's amazing how often I'll Google search
something only to be directed to the PBS wiki.  And so often I find that PBS
wiki has most of the useful info on that oddball plant.

"There is a problem with the wiki..." No way!  Them's fightin words!  :-)
After, the pbs wiki is probably the best. website.
evarrrr!!  (not including and, which are truly
awesome).  Lol.

Dennis in Cincinnati... who is going stir crazy from all this snow.

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