Botanical tour announcement

Jane McGary
Fri, 29 Jan 2010 17:33:47 PST
The following was sent to me via the PBS 
website's contact page. I think it's all right to 
announce it on our forum, although it is somewhat commercial:
Would you be interested in telling your members about this trip?

This is basically to support the two study 
leaders and will be a very small program. I\'d be 
happy to DONATE $50 back to  the PBS for any member who joins.

Spring 2010 Botanical Tour in Turkey

We now have dates—April 04 - 18, 2010—for our 
botanical tour in southwestern Turkey, We also 
have an optional extension to Cappadocia April 17-20.

Wild tulips, anemones, orchids,and snowdrops will 
greet us in the forests and valleys along the 
coast of southwestern Turkey. Many of the blooms 
on this tour will be at higher elevations (some 
above 3,000 ft), so get in shape to botanize with 
our personable naturalists and professional 
guides. Swedish botanical illustrator, Stig 
Dalstrom, longtime curator of orchids at Marie 
Selby Botanical Gardens here in Sarasota, 
Florida, will be collaborating with Dr. Gokhan 
Deniz, a young Turkish professor compiling a 
comprehensive guide to the flowering plants of 
southwest Turkey. Local plant specialists and our 
fine archeological guides round out the staff for 
our 2010 Spring Botanical Tour.

We’ll hike through overgrown, pre-Christian 
ruins and explore protected habitats as well as 
small villages, where the rhythms of ancient 
agricultural practices and folk culture persist. 
We’ll stay in charming rural lodges and 
boutique hotels, savor local produce, and 
investigate parts of Turkey most visitors never see....

Find more details online at:

Please email me if you\'d like to see the full 
tour itinerary-- it is a large PDF and to protect 
delicate habitats, we won\'t be publishing it on the Web.


Holly Chase Middle Eastern Travel
Sarasota, FL

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