Narcissus nomenclature

Jim McKenney
Fri, 29 Jan 2010 17:54:24 PST
 Jane McGary wrote: "The Bulbocodium section, which includes N. cantabricus,
is particularly rich in confusions, but I'm glad to see a lot of them in
flower right now, despite a viciously cold December. They are rewarding
plants and very easy in pots, but should be grown as hard as possible
because they tend to go over fast and flop in a warm greenhouse."


Also in flower now are N. hedraeanthus, N. jacetanus, and what I have under
the name N. asturicus (which I think is an invalid name now). 

The latter two are trumpet daffodils but respectively small and very small."


Jane, I hope that is a prelude to your eventual announcement of little or no
significant damage to the plants in your cold frames after the big plunge. 


And I have already learned from experience that if I don't get my cold
frames open on sunny days, the flowers of the little hoop petticoat
daffodils go fast. 


I'm happy to say that the Chilean Tropaeolum still look fine and are growing
vigorously. I’m finding this hard to believe.  



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