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James Waddick
Fri, 01 Jan 2010 13:55:43 PST
Dear friends,

	I have a unique insight*  to look at seeds of I. dichotoma 
and I. domestica (was Belamcanda) as well as their hybrid I. x 
norrisii (was xPardancanda )  as a co-chair of the Species Iris Group 
of North America Seed Exchange.

	I check 3 accessions of I dichotoma two wild collected  from 
Shanxi Province, and Jilin Prov., China and some garden grown seed.
	All of these look like typical dichotoma seed - vaguely 
spindle shaped (wider in the middle, narrower on both ends with a 
small flattened 'wing' along one side. Color dark brown to black. 
Flowers unknown on wild collected, but very typical light purple on 
the garden seeds.

	There were more numerous seeds of I domestica all like small 
black peas, round, shiny and dark.  No confirmation of flower color 
or form.

	As you may know, the fruit of I dichotomoa is a thin walled, 
elongate, roughly 3-sided pod. The fruit of I domestica is a cluster 
of seeds reminiscent of a blackberry (giving it one common name of 
'Blackberry Lily').

	Far more interesting are 3 other accessions.

	The first labelled I dichotoma also from Shanxi Province and 
probably traced back to an expedition taken by Bluebird Nursery and a 
part of their basis for Candy Lily hybrids. Pictures that accompany 
these seeds show typical dichotoma form in a range of colors from 
near white, to pink, to pale and dark lavender with a mix of darker 
bands and spotting. 

	The next  group  is listed on the SIGNA Seed Exchange as I. x 
norrisii, but it may not actually be so. Said to show a range of 
colors, but all in the form of I dichotoma.  Again the seeds are 
typical of I dichotoma.

	The third accession is also labelled I. x norrissii and 
pictured at 
(you have to scroll down a bit) . These show a range of colors from 
orange to pink to red and mixes. Flowers are like typical Candy 
Lilies with the I domestica form. Interstingly the seeds also look 
like those of I domestica.

	One could conclude that seeds that look like I dichotoma will 
produce flowers that look like I dichotoma and seeds that look like I 
domestica produce flowers like I domestica. but much of this is 
hearsay. What does a true intermediate seed look like?
	Obviously I have to grow a lot of seeds this year and hope 
some bloom there first year. I have seedlings in the garden now of I 
domestica, I dichotoma and I x norrisii to compare. Could add some 
interest to mid-summer gardening. Share your thoughts. Stay tuned.

		Best  for 20 10		Jim W.

* at least this week until seeds get packed and sent to members.
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