Arisaema yunnanense

Roy Herold
Wed, 27 Jan 2010 04:54:37 PST
A funny coincidence...

A couple of years ago Andrew Broome from New Zealand sent me some photos 
of an arisaema he was growing. (You may know of Andrew from the Oxalis 
group.) He said he got seed of this plant from the Arisaema Enthusiast 
Group in 1997, and that I (!) was the donor. However the ID was only as 
"Arisaema sp. 102004" from my trip to Yunnan in 1996.

I immediately went to my copy of Guy Gusman's arisaema book and ID'd 
Andrew's plant as Arisema yunnanense v. aridum. I found my old 
collection notes, and saw that it came from "West of Tiger Leaping 
Gorge, Grassy hillside, big boulders, 6400'". There were 510 seeds from 
this single collection, most of which went to the AEG and NARGS. My own 
attempt to grow them failed miserably. Sigh.

I can't say that the collection locale was especially dry, however. 
There were huge round man-size boulders scattered over the entire 
hillside, but the intervening vegetation was rather lush grass. We also 
found Arisaema franchetianum growing in the same area, both on the 
hillside and nearby in Tiger Leaping Gorge Village.

Andrew gave me permission to post his photos on the wiki, but I'm too 
busy right now to learn the new wiki protocol. I can send them to 
someone more skilled for posting, however (Nhu, MSI, anyone?)

NW of Boston
Solid snow cover despite rain and 50F this week

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