Arisaema yunnanense

Adam Fikso
Tue, 26 Jan 2010 20:45:41 PST
Hi.  Is the seed that came from me about 3 years ago? (oriinially  from Chen 
Yi-and misidentified.  )  Mine wiped out after making seed.  Maybe it took 
too much energy out of it.  It was a pretty thing.

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> "J.E. Shields" <> wrote:
> "In the basement under the fluorescent lights, seeds of Arisaema 
> yunnanense
> aridum are germinating.  A pot of Arisaema fargesii pulled out of the
> fridge and watered almost a month ago now has nice green leaves growing,
> also under the fluorescent lights.  A. fargesii really struggles to just
> survive outdoors here.  I am going to keep these plants in pots."
> Jim, what can you tell me about Arisaema yunnanense aridum?  In spring 
> 2009, I germinated Ariseama yunnanense, seedlings stayed in the seed flat 
> all summer long, each seedling had one small leaf held flat against the 
> soil, then I planted them out in the fall.  I understand this species 
> likes sun and dryness, certainly a variety named 'aridum" further implies 
> dry conditions, but I know very little else about the species.
> Mark McDonough
> Massachusetts, near the New Hampshire border, USDA Zone 5
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