pbs Digest, Vol 84, Issue 25 re gypsum

cgeat25049@aol.com cgeat25049@aol.com
Sun, 24 Jan 2010 06:24:22 PST
Here are some links explaining the benefits and failures of using  gypsum
(http://allacademic.com/meta/…)  (a  little erudite)
  I find the third link interesting because it states that the use of  
gypsum's effectiveness is affected by chemicals that are already in the soil. So 
 it will work for some but not all. I guess the clay that I got stuck with 
was  one of the types where the gypsum worked well. Based on what other 
members are  saying, it has been ineffective for most users so back to the 
drawing board  !
 Cherry G

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