Amaryllis again...

J.E. Shields
Wed, 27 Jan 2010 06:13:06 PST
Dennis, Adam, Ina, et al.,

I've never observed apomixis in Hippeastrum, but there's a first time for 
everything.  It is more likely that random transfer of pollen, including 
from self in the case of commercial "Dutch Amaryllis" hybrids, is 
responsible.  House flies, gnats, and human fingers are likely 
suspects.  Kitty cat is also a possible vector, I imagine.

Apomixis is well known in Zephyranthes and their close relatives.  It still 
often requires physical pollination to initiate the apomicitic process.

Jim Shields
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At 07:57 PM 1/26/2010 -0600, you wrote:

>They may be apomictic.  Look it up.  But then, there are probably flies in
>your  house, even.

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