Clay Soil and Gypsum
Sat, 23 Jan 2010 19:38:09 PST
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Gypsum never did a thing for the clay I had in Kansas, even  when added in 
large quantities (50lbs/10 sq ft). The only thing that helped  was 
collecting 100+ bags of leaves each fall in addition to what fell  naturally in the 
yard and adding them as mulch after being chopped. After  three years of this 
the soil improved immensely.

Whatever you do, be very cautious about mushroom compost obtained from  
outside sources. I used that on a new bed one year and lost everything I 
planted  in it, both perennials and bulbs. A pro at a big public garden here told 
me  later that they use it, but that they compost it another year further 
themselves  and then have it tested before applying because they can't afford 
to lose a  bed.
I am surrounded by woods, and also have many of my own trees. I don't waste 
 a leaf in the fall--it all goes through the shredder and into one  of the  
5-block-high compost piles for addition to the beds during the year. You 
can't  beat that stuff!
Bill Lee
SW Ohio

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