Clay Soil and Gypsum

aaron floden
Sat, 23 Jan 2010 19:12:50 PST
 Gypsum never did a thing for the clay I had in Kansas, even when added in large quantities (50lbs/10 sq ft). The only thing that helped was collecting 100+ bags of leaves each fall in addition to what fell naturally in the yard and adding them as mulch after being chopped. After three years of this the soil improved immensely.
 Aaron Floden

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Of those of you with clay soil, do you really feel that adding gypsum  
helped your clay?

If so, how much did gypsum did it take to produce a difference?
(I'm asking this because I've seen several references to gypsum NOT  
working as well as gypsum producing miracles.)

Anita Clyburn


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