Is this normal for Haemanthus nortieri?

Michael Benedito
Tue, 12 Jan 2010 03:02:37 PST

I'm a 23 y old plant lover and this is my first post here. I grow a lot of different plant, but my main interest right now is the Heliconia genus, bulbs and the insular caulirosulates and other island oddities (Hawaii, Juan Fernández and Mauritius).

Now could somebody please tell me if it is normal for Haemanthus nortieri to have 2 leaves at a time? I thought it only produced a singe leaf, at least that's what the literatue says about it.

My plant never flowered to me but I guess the leaves are attractive enough on their own. Are there any chances of the plant being confused, thus the reluctance on blooming? Or coud it be dividing itself from the crown? Does this species ever produces offsets?

Here is a link:…

Thanks for any help


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