Was Fraud , now sharing experiences.

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sat, 10 Jul 2010 11:25:57 PDT
Dear Friends,
	This is the best site to share experiences, both good and bad.

	Considering the inherent possible difficulties of eBay*, 
foreign export, language skills and true dishonesty, Tomas found a 
good spot to vent unhappiness.

	This should be presented in a straight forward manner without 
too much excess.  I suspect that fraud is the incorrect term here, 
but his experience and comments later can all make us more alert to 
bad business practices whether from a valid nursery or an avid 
amateur gardener. There are a number of very plausible scenarios that 
are possible here.

	By the way, I found the person Tomas referred to at my first 
attempt to search the University web site. No problem.

	It is also hard to tell who has the responsibility here, but 
I do hope the original note helps to clarify who was involved. At 
this point it is easy to point fingers at both the seller AND the 
buyer for faults in the transaction.

	Personally I'd be very cautious before spending $200 plus on 
a single bulb through eBay without extensive communication and 
specific understanding established.

	My suggestion is to keep calm, share experiences without 
accusations and follow simple logic in purchases.

		Best		Jim W.

* It is not clear if this purchase even involved eBay as it went on 
after the auction officially finished. It may not even have involved 
the eBay seller.
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