Sulphur Queen

J.E. Shields
Sun, 04 Jul 2010 13:06:26 PDT
I should have checked my notebooks before writing!  Sam Caldwell, not Len 
Woelfle, created Ismene 'Pax' and I. 'Helios'.  Sam was from Nashville, 
Tennessee (I got that part right).  I think Len was from ?Cincinnati??

Has anyone seen or does anyone grow either 'Pax' or 'Helios'?  I haven't 
had either one in many years.  The bulbs I had came from Sam himself in 
about 1978.  'Helios' was the yellowest of the three hybrids, but it was 
the most difficult to grow as well.

Jim Shields

At 03:54 PM 7/4/2010 -0400, I wrote:
>The proper modern chemical spelling is "sulfur."  The old name for the 
>flower is probably "Sulphur Queen"  but is clearly recognizable spelled 
>either way.  I don't know who created and names Ismene 'Suphur Queen' but 
>the late Len Woelfle (Tennessee) created 'Pax' and some other hybrids of 
>narcissiflora and amancaes.  I'll ask around...

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