Ronald Redding
Sat, 10 Jul 2010 21:15:29 PDT
Hi All


for what it is worth, there are three main reasons why I consider myself to be fortunate by being part of this group. 


Firstly I become informed of what bulbs that are out there and in particlar what bulbs are suitable to my climate.


Next, I want to learn from other peoples experience in relation to growing and cultivation bulbs and in particular unique bulbs which invariably are the harder to obtain.


Then I want to be able to obtain these bulbs, I want to know where I can get them. I walk through my collection of plants and have to pinch myself. Just recently because of this group, and the contacts I have made within it, I have added some plants that I have wanted and lusted over for then years.  

Part of this is to hear where and when plants were obtained and if there have been any problems in obtaining them. Your story good, bad or indifferent is EXACTLY the information that I want to be hear about. If you can't obtain plants to grow why have discussions on how to grow them?

Kind Regards and Best Wishes Ron Redding Hervey Bay Australia

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> Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 00:23:52 +0200
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> Subject: [pbs] Fraud
> Hi,
> Regarding my posting about fraud, thanks Ellen for sending an email to the seller she has contacted me tonight with a mail and the problem seems to have been solved now at least, and a big thanks to the PBS list for publishing my posting and in spite of what you wrote Ellen about that my posting was inappropriate, it solved my problem and I'm very satisfied for this help from you and the PBS list.
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