Ellen Hornig
Sun, 11 Jul 2010 13:04:27 PDT
Well, I'm glad this was resolved, at least for now, but I stand by my 
original objection precisely because it is, to those of us on the list, 
still entirely unclear whether Ms. Harris was in any way at fault, or 
whether she was the unwitting victim of fraud. Meanwhile her name has been 
publicly dragged through the mud.  If she *is* at fault, that's all well and 
good, and she had it coming; but if she is *not* at fault, she does not 
deserve what she got.

As others have pointed out, there are many opportunities for 
misunderstanding and for intervention by authorities foreign and domestic, 
as well as very real dangers of fraud.  I might not object so much if the 
seller's eBay name were all that were shared, but when you start listing 
names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. and you don't know the 
real story, isn't this going a little bit far?


Ellen Hornig
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> Hi,
> Regarding my posting about fraud, thanks Ellen for sending an email to the 
> seller she has contacted me tonight with a mail and the problem seems to 
> have  been solved now at least, and a big thanks to the PBS list for 
> publishing my posting and in spite of what you wrote Ellen about that my 
> posting was inappropriate, it solved my problem and I'm very satisfied for 
> this help from you and the PBS list.
> Sometimes in life you have to use other/new ways to solve problems, not 
> always the common ways as most people does and I have learned this in my 
> 52 years young life!
> Best regards
> Tomas Sandberg
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