pbs Digest, Vol 90, Issue 36

CGeat25049@aol.com CGeat25049@aol.com
Sat, 24 Jul 2010 07:30:34 PDT
RE "How I got hooked"
 Well that's a story I tell often. My first contact with plants came  about 
55 years ago. I was a comic book fanatic and in the back they sold seeds  
for ten cents a pack. I could afford that . I had a 25 cent allowance. So I  
bought a few and shared them with my sisters only mine always grew the best. 
 Since theirs didn't they lost interest. My interest waxed and waned and 
then I  bought my first house. I saw marigolds in the nursery but I wanted to 
grow  different kinds. I sent for Parks seed catalog ( may they rest and 
peace)   and OMG, there were so many different seeds and so cheap. I ordered 
several  packs and with growing  success I started looking for more to buy. IN 
the  back of the catalog, they had an invitation to join the Indoor 
Gardening Club of  America. Guess what? The president lived in Manhattan,. I called 
her and she  invited me to," Come on down !" From there, I joined the 
begonia society, the  african violet society ( president and treasurer) gesneriad 
society , etc and  etc. I built a greenhouse because the light stand wasn't 
doin' it and then  another. We tore those two down and put up a 500 sq ft 
structure. That wasn't  big enough either. I sold my house in New York and 
bought a house with a big lot  in Florida so my whole back yard is a shade 
house . ( What hurricane?) And so  here I am with thousands of plants and the 
back yard is getting too small and my  neighbors think I am loca 'til they 
get a free plant. : )

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