Visiting Plants people in other countires

Cameron McMaster
Sat, 24 Jul 2010 01:47:33 PDT
I have on numerous occasions invited myself to visit plants people (mostly members of PBS) when visiting other countries - primarily UK, Canada, US and Australia.  Maybe sometimes I have been a nuisance, but have always been made to feel so welcome and the experience has been wonderful, particularly seeing plants gowing from seeds and bulbs we have supplied.

Sharing information and expereince first hand is great.  A spinoff is sometimes invitations to give presentations on South Africa bulbs, which I did recently at Exbury, UK,  for the South African Bulb Interest group on 20 June and at Toronto Botanic Garden on 14 July.  I will be in Melbourne, Australia in September when I will giving another presentation.  If anyone there might be interested in attending you can contact Martin Farrugia for details.

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