Mystery Zephyranthes

Michael Mace
Thu, 15 Jul 2010 10:10:34 PDT
This one came in through the PBS website:

From: Carlotta Shiba [] 

Hi Michael,
I have a Zephranthes that I purchased from a nursery and the plant was
unmarked.  They didn\'t even know what it was.  Found the same plant in
another nursery and it was marked \"Zephyranthes labuffarosea rose pink
flowers.\"  I\'ve scanned through the Zephyranthes on the PBS site, but have
not found one that looks exactly like the one I have.  Can I email you a
photo for identification, please?

Thanks for your time and make it a great day!



The photos are posted on the Mystery Bulbs page,…

Any ideas?  Please CC Carlotta on your replies.



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