Mystery Zephyranthes

Jay Yourch
Thu, 15 Jul 2010 10:59:54 PDT

For sure it's not Zephyranthes labuffarosea, instead a Habranthus,
probably H. robustus or a hybrid of H. robustus.




>Mike Mace wrote:
>This one came in through the PBS website:
>From: Carlotta Shiba []
>Hi Michael,
>I have a Zephranthes that I purchased from a nursery and the plant was
>unmarked.  They didn\'t even know what it was.  Found the same plant in
>another nursery and it was marked \"Zephyranthes labuffarosea rose pink
>flowers.\"  I\'ve scanned through the Zephyranthes on the PBS site, but have
>not found one that looks exactly like the one I have.  Can I email you a
>photo for identification, please?
>Thanks for your time and make it a great day!
>The photos are posted on the Mystery Bulbs page,
>Any ideas?  Please CC Carlotta on your replies.

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