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Jim McKenney
Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:31:10 PDT
Boyce wrote: "Have to admit, the landscape on the south side of my house is
a bit 'odd' with the tender geophytes lining the edge of the basement wall
and more hardy plants in front of them. This is also the location I have had
the best luck growing hybrid tea roses - they simply freeze out everywhere


Too funny, Boyce. It's almost exactly the same here. Substitute tea rose for
hybrid tea and it's about the same. 


Decades ago I was invited to speak to the local men's garden club ( men’s
garden club? that in itself gives you an idea of how long ago it was) on the
topic of bulbs. I was young and full of it, and wanted to strut my stuff. I
showed pictures of lots of marginally hardy and tender bulbs, pictures taken
in my garden, many of them plants of which most of my audience had never
heard. When I discussed the culture of each one, I generally mentioned
something like "grow them on the south side of the house, near a wall". 


After about forty-five minutes of this, and exasperated voice in the dark
called out "how long is your south wall?” 



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