pbs Digest, Vol 89, Issue 37 re scadoxus Katherinae

CGeat25049@aol.com CGeat25049@aol.com
Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:35:54 PDT
Re scadoxus multiflorus ssp Katherinae
 I have grown this plant on and off for many years and have never seen  
this ssp spelled as Katherinea. I googled it and found absolutely no references 
 that spelled it that way. I also  looked up the minutes of a meeting  of 
the RHS where a member had bought in a plant that he presented as  Katherinae 
which stated the following:
 "Dr David exhibited a flowering specimen which he had  received
from Terry Jones under the name Haemanthus  katherinae That 
name   is correctly applied to a  subspecies of Scadoxus multiflorus,
to which his plant was no close relation.  "
  Now I would think if the RHS identifies the plant with  the nae  
spelling, then using the  syllable nea  is a misspelling.
 Cherry G

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