Sinningia Pollination, was Sinningia tubiflora hardiness

Roy Herold
Sat, 19 Jun 2010 18:45:25 PDT
Some years I see lots of seed set on my venerable (>20 year old) 
Sinningia leucotricha, some years none. In the greenhouse, outdoors, 
doesn't matter. This year the old plant is spending the spring in the 
greenouse a couple of feet away from fan that is running all the time to 
keep the air circulating. I happened to notice today that literally 
every flower had produced a fat seed pod. A couple of other plants, 
seedlings from the older one, were barren. They were just outside of the 
bulk of the air flow from the fan.

Is it common for sinningias to be wind pollinated, or was my fan just 
acting like a giant bee?

And who was it that said Sinningia leucotricha was hardy? Do I dare try 
one outside?

NW of Boston

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