Sinningia tubiflora hardiness

Steve Marak
Sat, 19 Jun 2010 15:46:37 PDT
Zone 5 might be pushing, but it's surprisingly hardy. I have kept mine in 
the unheated part of my greenhouse. That stays warmer than the outdoors, 
but - though spared the very worst of NW Arkansas winters - they've still 
taken some serious subfreezing temperatures in stride, even in pots (in 
the -6 to -10 C range).
But the person from whom I got them (and who I think is on this list, and 
I hope will speak up) has been growing and breeding with S. tubiflora for 
some years now, and I know he's overwintered it and some of its hybrids 
outdoors here. I don't know if he's provided extra drainage for it or not. 
Though it does get leggy, I like it - nice fragrance, too, which is pretty 
rare in sinningias. 

We're nominally zone 6, though our winters for the last ten years have 
been zone 7. We hit -18 C (0 F) several nights running this last year for, 
I think, the first time in the twenty-first century.

whose Manfredas are also having a great year - flower spikes over two 
meters and still growing. 

On Sat, 19 Jun 2010, Adam Fikso wrote:

> Doesn't seem to be a candidate for outdoors in 5a, although crinums from Z 9 
> are working out here, just under the eaves of my house, just behind and near 
> the drip line.
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> From: "Richard Kyper" <>
> > I've grown Sinningia tubiflora for a 5-6 years. It blooms reliably in
> > my greenhouse, often reaching a height around 3-4'.  Hardy to zone
> > 7?   Ummm, I would not trust that figure.

-- Steve Marak

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