Linda Foulis
Sat, 05 Jun 2010 07:14:39 PDT
Good morning all,
I have Agapanthus africanus albidus which I started from seed back in 2005.
It has only bloomed once, if I remember correctly back about 2007 or so.  It
is quite crowded in the pot and I am going to divide it soon as the water
just runs right through it.
I received a newsletter from one of my favorite nursery's not long ago and
they stated that the trick to getting them to rebloom is cool temps over the
winter.  I was looking at how cool our garage gets over the winter and
trying it in there for a couple of months to see if this would work for me.
Sure would love to see this bloom again.

Linda in Canada
zone 3

Would much rather spend the day in the garden than go to a family reunion,
oh well.

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