Crinum in MO - replies

James Waddick
Sat, 05 Jun 2010 07:17:38 PDT
Dear All,
	David and Jim S make two good points.

	Planting depth -  My comments about hardy Crinum refer JUST 
to these two major types - x powellii and bulbispermum. The genus is 
large and has an array of cultivation needs.  I have seen plenty of 
tropical Crinums grow with their bulbs fully exposed on the ground, 
but these do not grow in MO or other cold climates.

	Jim S. emphasized my point that young (small) bulbispermum 
seedlings do not do survive winter without protection. Give them two 
winters care and then plant out. I start mine in 4-6 inch community 
pots  and gradually advance to single plants in deep pots about 5 in 
across and up to one foot deep. These are wintered in a frost free 

	In the garden C. bulbispermum produces copious seed, but I 
cannot recall ever seeing a self sown seedling. The winter simply 
kills them off.

	Now a Q for Jim S. Since I've never tried any of these 
bulbispermum x varaible  or straight variable, can you name a few you 
like best?  I could be tempted ( pictures?) and there's always more 
room to squeeze in a 6 foot plant !! Yikes, what am I thinking?

	But to emphasize - plant deep, give them summer heat and sun, 
protect young plants.

		Enjoy		Jim W.

ps I just look at the PBS wiki and there's no picture of C. variable 
in flower and no note about hardiness.…

	We need to add some tempting pix!!

	and the Crinum hybrid page has no mention of variable hybrids 
to tempt either.…

  I urge readers to check them all out.  There's nice pix of xpowellii alba…

	and typical x powellii…

	and many bulbispermum…
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