Sinningia tubiflora/leucotricha hardiness

Jon Lindstrom
Sun, 20 Jun 2010 18:54:07 PDT
While S. tubiflora is hardy and will take short periods
of cold weather (0 F), the operative word is short.
If the tuber freezes the plant will die. Fortunately
S. tubiflora sends out underground stems that produce
new tubers at their ends. Thus if the main tuber
freezes, these secondary tubers, hopefully deeper
in the ground, will grow again (but late) the
following spring.

S. leucotricha forms one ever-growing-larger
stem tuber. If this is frozen during the winter,
you'll be buying another plant the following spring.

Well-drained soils also seem to be critical for
plant survival in the winter.

Fayetteville, AR
Zone 6b

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