Tigridia Light Requirements

Dennis Szeszko dszeszko@gmail.com
Thu, 03 Jun 2010 17:16:03 PDT

From my experience, "garden variety Tigridia", aka T. pavonia, prefers full
sun exposure.  Of course, full sun at 2000 meters above sea level where they
originate is quite different from full sun exposure in Phoenix.  For the
most part, Tigridia species enjoy bright, sunny places as most species grow
among rocks or in grassy areas.

I would recommend that you keep your Tigridia plants away from high heat,
but give them as much light as possible.

Congratulations on the Milla magnifica corms.  Those come from scorching
areas of Mexico and will enjoy the roasting that they receive from the
desert sun.  I would recommend keeping the humidity very high around these
plants and keeping them drenched, but well-drained when they are growing.
Let us know if you see flowers this year.


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I've taught myself I can't grow garden variety Tigridia outdoors in our
summer heat, but I still want them. What is the light like where they
originate in Mexico? I have some very bright windows.

By the way, Milla magnifica bulbs from the PBS BX a few years back are
sprouting. I moved them into a very large pot. Maybe flowers this year?


Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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