Crinum in MO

James Waddick
Thu, 03 Jun 2010 22:43:54 PDT
Dear Friends,
	I live in Zone 5/6. We have really cold winters and really 
not summers. Most garden visitors are surprised to see all the Crinum 
I grow. They have started to bloom seriously now - in the ground !! 
Most are cvs of C. x powellii and C. bulbispermum and these are still 
the very best for here, but there are a few others that expand the 
color and form.

	Even when they are not blooming the foliage is amazing with 
individual leaves up to 6 ft long and mounds 6-8 ft across and almost 
3 ft high. Giant exotic, 'tropical' plants.

	If you think you are in too cold a climate, think again.

	Nothing like them this time of year.  I just got around to 
planting some more seedlings from MArcell Sheppard's 'Jumbo' 
selections. Exciting stuff.

	Just try them. 		Best		Jim W.
Dr. James W. Waddick
8871 NW Brostrom Rd.
Kansas City Missouri 64152-2711
Ph.    816-746-1949
Zone 5 Record low -23F
	Summer 100F +

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