Crinum in MO

Adam Fikso
Fri, 04 Jun 2010 10:59:47 PDT
I've now done this in the Chicago area with C. bulbispermum, Ellen Bosanquet 
and unknown I got off of eBaya .  They have survived 3 years outdoors, no 
mulch; planted at 24" from the foundation of my house  which has a basement. 
They've not yet bloomed, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it one fo these 

We have had as much as 2 weeks of zero or single digit days in one of those 
years.  The below ground temperature where they're planted ( 1 foot down), 
I'm sure stays sufficiently warm even tough it appears to be frozen for 
months.   They are upand growing at this time, about 2 feet tall along with 
the two lower-growing Eucomis and mixed unknown Zantedeschia hybrids growing 
at 20" from the house all of which have now been grown outdoors for 3 years.

Jim Waddick is warmer than I by about an average of 10° and that much ahead 
of me (two weeks?) in terms of growth and release from dormancy.

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> Until this winter, I wasn't sure, but I can heartily [or hardyly ;-)]
> agree with Mr. Jimbo, a.k.a. Dr. Waddick!
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> On 6/4/10 12:43 AM, James Waddick wrote:
>> Dear Friends,
>> I live in Zone 5/6. We have really cold winters and really
>> not summers. Most garden visitors are surprised to see all the Crinum
>> I grow. They have started to bloom seriously now - in the ground !!
>> Most are cvs of C. x powellii and C. bulbispermum and these are still
>> the very best for here, but there are a few others that expand the
>> color and form.
>> Even when they are not blooming the foliage is amazing with
>> individual leaves up to 6 ft long and mounds 6-8 ft across and almost
>> 3 ft high. Giant exotic, 'tropical' plants.
>> If you think you are in too cold a climate, think again.
>> Nothing like them this time of year.  I just got around to
>> planting some more seedlings from MArcell Sheppard's 'Jumbo'
>> selections. Exciting stuff.
>> Just try them. Best Jim W.
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