California Spring

Bracey Tiede
Thu, 18 Mar 2010 16:48:05 PDT
Hi Uli,

You should add UC Berkeley Botanical Garden to your list.  They have some
plant houses that contain wonderful warm, cool and dry plants in addition to
the outstanding collection of outdoor areas devoted to geographical areas
around the globe.  Different than Strybing and worthwhile visiting.

In San Francisco is a beautiful nursery called Flora Grubb Gardens that is
worth a visit to see the creative designs using mediterranean climate plants
such as succulents, cacti, shrubs from Australia, South Africa and more.
Many books and art pieces as well.  

If you are a rose fan, San Jose has the Heritage Rose Garden with over 3500
different varieties of roses on display, organized by rose families and
labeled with name, origin and date.  Mid April should have a spectacular
bloom on display.

Unfortunately, the spring bulbs are in full bloom right now and will likely
be mostly done in April.

San Jose

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Dear All,

I will come to California from April 3rd to April 16th to see the spring
flowers, some gardens and nurseries. My interests are bulbs, yes, of
course, but much more varied than "just" them and can perhaps best be
subsumed under the term 'conservatory plants' . Can anybody of you
recommend places (both nature and nursery or garden) that are
particularly interesting? Huntington and Strybing are already "booked".
It may be off topic, so please e-mail me privately if you feel it is off
topic. Arriving in Los Angeles and Leaving from San Francisco I hope to
see some beautiful scenery. I heard of a place in Los Angeles called
Xotix-Tropico but could not find any information on the web. Does
anybody know this place and can help me out with adress and telephone

With many thanks and greetings from Germany.   We had the first spring
day today..... at last...... after a terrible killing winter.... 


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