Sarrecenia vs Nepenthes for terrariums

lou jost
Wed, 17 Mar 2010 06:40:22 PDT
If cold dormancy is a problem, as in indoor terrarium growing, why not choose small Nepenthes species? These are much easier than Sarrecenia indoors. 

   Outdoors, hybrids of southern US Sarrecenia species do not need a really cold winter rest. Sometimes a slight dry rest can substitute for a cold rest, according to the literature (I haven't tried this). Southern pitcher plants can do pretty well in pure sharp  quartz sand, kept constantly wet, with perhaps a bit of peat moss mixed in. Some southern species grow in pure white sand in the wild.
  Cephalotus has always been hard to grow for me. 
   But Nepenthes are amazing!!!!Don't miss out!!!


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