Mystery Scilla (Oncostema)

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 17 Mar 2010 07:09:28 PDT
Dear David,

I'll add my experience to the response you already got. Scilla 
peruviana (Kew is still listing it as this) has only a brief dormancy 
and in a well watered summer garden even shorter. My plants usually 
dry off since I water very little in summer, but if I remember 
correctly when I lived in Stockton and had clay soil and watered the 
ground covers a bit more often my plants stayed green much longer.

I noticed this weekend that where I live a bit north of you some of 
my plants have formed scapes. They often skip a year or two in 
blooming and I was checking to see if they were going to bloom this 
year. I don't know a source for a key, but there are pictures on the 
wiki of it and Scilla hughii which is similar.  Do any of the Italian 
members of our list have a key?

Mary Sue

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