Pancratium maritimum

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 08 Mar 2010 18:11:43 PST
Hi all,

Pascal Vigneron introduced Pancratium as a topic of the week in 2004.

And we have some nice pictures on the wiki for this genus as well.

There are quite a few posts about this species as people have often 
had questions. Here's an interesting one from Lauw in France.

And one from Angelo in Italy

There have also been a host of us who have tried to grow and flower 
these plants without luck. I am in this category, both a bulb 
purchased that may of may have been that species and I wouldn't have 
known enough at that time to be sure and plants I grew from seed that 
lingered a couple of years before they went to bulb heaven or I 
tossed them since it looked like the direction they were going. I 
can't remember which. Seed has been offered on the BX a number of 
times and I'm wondering if any of those people who ordered it ever 
grew it to flowering.

Should Carolyn's be dormant now? Perhaps what she has is a species of 
Hymenocallis or an Ismene hybrid?

Mary Sue

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