Storing cyclamen seeds

John T Lonsdale
Sat, 22 May 2010 09:19:59 PDT
Hi Jane,

I never sow mine 'fresh'.  I always collect them in the split capsules then
let the whole lot dry for a couple of weeks at room temperature.  They clean
much more easily this way.  I then keep the cleaned seeds in the fridge
until mid-late August and sow them then; they would probably be just as well
stored at room temperature.  Although the seeds are relatively desiccated I
never soak before sowing - just water them in well and keep the pots moist -
the seeds rehydrate quite quickly, as they would in nature.  The results
from this method have never been other than excellent.  The seeds need a
period of warmth followed a period below about 15C, after which time they
will be primed to germinate at or close to the time the parent plants either
come into growth or flower.  If I store cyclamen seeds for more than a
couple of months it is always in the fridge, and they maintain viability



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