Storing cyclamen seeds

Robin Hansen
Sat, 22 May 2010 09:20:23 PDT

I've always cleaned my seeds (after allowing them to dry a bit) and stored them in the fridge, without any loss of viability.  If I harvest in June or so, I will sow them in mid to late fall or early the following  spring.  As for direct sowing, I haven't had much luck, but that could be due to animals, insects, etc.  I don't direct sow because I want maximum results.

I've seen e-mails from a number of people who claim a large loss of viability if not sown fresh, but I rarely see that happen.  If it does, it's more of a slowed germination, such as with purpurascens or repandum.  Seeds 2-4 years old, always stored in the fridge still germinate well, but often rather slowly over a months-long period.

I guess I'm puzzled by the contradictions, more than anything.

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery
Southwest Oregon, (we are just a bit tired of the rain)

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