Iris "dardanus"

Robert Pries
Wed, 03 Nov 2010 07:08:19 PDT
Iain; You can find Dardanus in the Iris Encyclopedia that is under construction available on the American Iris Society website. Unfortunately no one has added a picture yet but by poking around with the various liks you can see its parents and similar hybrids. It appears that Dardanus was never properly registered but the website is attempting to show all irises that have appeared in the literature or trade. If you get a picture you may add it to the listing. Slowly we are asking many iris taxonomists and fanciers to contribute but we only have 27,000 of the approximately 80,000 listed and only about 20,000 photos. We welcome anyone who can contribute their knowledge and photos, since it is a wiki being built by the world's irisarians. It is free to all. Actually it is progressing rapidly for only a 10 month old baby.

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I think that the reason you can't find this taxon is because you are 
looking for a botanical epithet, whereas it is a cultivar name for a 
hybrid e.g. I. 'Dardanus'.  These aren't listed on IPNI or the Kew 
Database of Monocots.

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