A few nerines

AW awilson@avonia.com
Wed, 03 Nov 2010 10:30:54 PDT
Dear Roland,

As you know, many of the records of Nerine sarniensis forms and hybrids are
scanty and may be inaccurate in some cases. But, here is the information I
have :

5706 : Rosanne
5697 from Zienkowski collection (unlabelled, dated '1990'), ex Vinisky 
5699 from Zienkowski collection (unlabelled), ex Vinisky
5693 from Zienkowski collection ('Cinderella grex'), ex Vinisky

I acquired some these bulbs via the IBS after the famed hybridiser
Zienkowski passsed away. He left no formal records other than plant tags. In
many cases, according to Steve Vinisky who sorted through the large
collection and shipped me a number of the bulbs, the tags were not present
or were partially illegible. In some of the tags there was information about
specific crosses.

The image 'IMG 3829' is a Zephyranthes andina that I observed in the
northern province of Juyjuy, Argentina almost exacrly three years ago. It
appears here because I use Flickr only to show images for a temporary
purpose. The Flickr files would need to be internally divided into sets to
separate it - please disregard. 

Andrew Wilson
San Diego 

Hello Andrew

nice nerines but they just have numbers
do you have some names
and what is

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