Canna seedling
Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:50:03 PST
Hi Dennis,
Funny you should mention the canna seedling, I had exactly the same thing happen in my school garden, apparently a canna that was there two years before self sowed.  I dug the seedling a couple of weeks ago (its pretty small), potted it, and it is under fluorescent lights in my classroom.  It should grow fine, then it can go out next spring.  I imagine you could do the same, or put it in a sunny window.  
Keep in mind cannas can be subject to spider mites indoors, other than that they should present no special problem.
The fact that the seed germinated after laying around over a year in the soil suggests that if you want rapid germination of your BX canna seed, it would be advisable to file or nick a hole in the seed, just enough to pierce the water impermeable seed coat.  Care (or the use of a vise) is advised, the seeds tend to go flying pretty easily if you don't have a good grip on them and you are trying to chip the coat. If you wait till early spring to start the seedd indoors, that should be enough time for the seedlings to grow to flowering size if given good care that year, so there is no particular need to start them right away.  
Good luck,
Tuckahoe, NY

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I had a Canna seedling appear in my garden where I haven't grown any Cannas
n years.  I dug it up a couple weeks ago after our first frost, but I'm
ondering if I should replant it now and try to keep it growing through
inter.  It seems so small.  Does anyone have a recommendation?
Likewise, I got some Canna flaccida seeds from the recent BX offering, and
ondering if I should sow them now and grow them under lights this winter?
ny recommendations?
Dennis in Cincinnati
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