Blooming in the Greenhouse

Nhu Nguyen
Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:46:29 PST
Hi Jim and all,

Congratulations on all the bloomings. Nerine is a wonderful genus.
Everything must look so fantastic in your greenhouse now. Would you take
some photos of N. laticoma for the wiki?

Nerine season in the Bay Area is long this year. The first to start was N.
bowdenii followed by N. humilis about a month ago and now N. pudica is
blooming. The strangest thing is that N. sarniensis hybrids have just sent
up scapes and the first flower opened about 5 days ago. The late season this
year is probably due to the late dormancy. These plants still had leaves in
late June and probably even July.


On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 6:54 AM, J.E. Shields <>wrote:

> Starting to bloom in the greenhouse are my second- or third-season Nerine:
>  bowdenii, humilis, and undulata.  Only one bowdenii scape is up so far, and
> one undulata; but the whole potful of humilis are sending up scapes.
> This is the first time the humilis have ever bloomed for me, so this is
> very satisfyling.  The sarniensis hybrids finished several weeks ago.  The
> "first season" of nerines here is in July and August, when filifolia,
> krigei, laticoma, filamentosa, and angulata/angustifolia/appendiculata
> bloom.

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