Weedy oxalis

AW awilson@avonia.com
Tue, 23 Nov 2010 20:07:26 PST
Thanks, Tim. That's the sort of info I need. It's fascinating that only a
bit over a hundred miles makes such a difference. We are probably cooler
than your area in summer and they survive just great. So, the difference
then is not that yours do not produce bulbils, but that the bulbils do not
survive your summers. Here they produce copious quantities of bulbils,
hundreds per plant, and they appear to take life either in spring or, in
greater numbers, sit quietly all summer and then take of in carpets once the
first rain arrives. I have found the best way to eliminate them is to use a
blowtorch to incinerate the bulbils.  

Well, we have at least got somewhere. It sounds like distance from the coast
makes the difference. 

If anyone else has input please add!

San Diego

I grow Oxalis convexula just north of Los Angeles in Thousand Oaks. I have
had it in the ground for 7-8 years and it is definitely not invasive. I have
to save bulbils in the spring and plant in fall if I wish to propagate this
species. I believe they do not survive the heat of summer.
Certain species of Ferraria and Cyanella are much more of a problem here.

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